Have a Harry Potter Wedding at Hogwarts

Have your Harry Potter wedding at Hogwarts or Ollivanders or other Wizarding World of Harry Potter location!  That’s right!  After a little less than a year, it sounds like you can now have a Harry Potter wedding at the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando!

In one of our most popular posts about Harry Potter weddings from last year, Universal Orlando had indicated that there were no plans for Harry Potter themed weddings in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Apparently, Universal has changed the response on this question, as a YouTube friend just posted a video of their wedding at Hogwarts.  In the video, Universal staff told the couple that they could have the wedding in Ollivanders Wand Shop.  After some issues with video, they decided to have the wedding in front of Hogwarts.

Now, you will notice in the video that the couple brought along their own officiator for the wedding and were dressed in pretty normal wedding attire.  Universal does have some policies with regard to costumes, but it sounds like they’re much more accommodating for weddings and would probably allow them for this type of event if you pre-planned it with Universal.

I could see a Harry Potter wedding in Ollivanders or the halls of Hogwarts being a really cool experience for a Harry Potter fan!  However, keep in mind that no video of the event was allowed if you were inside the Ollivanders Wand Shop (and likely if you were inside any of the Wizarding World buildings), but you could easily have the event and take video and pictures once your done and back outside.  If you plan properly and talk with Universal, you could probably even set up a reception on property, as well.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/janet.dixonhughes Janet Dixon-Hughes

    Fleur themed dress, magical marquee,  brilliant. 

  • Lorinda84

    checked with universal.  they are NOT allowing this.

  • Doc1214

    Yeah, I also checked with Universal last year about this, and they said no. Not sure how this couple was allowed to do it, but from the looks of the video it seems they may be righ outside and not on he actual theme park…

  • http://therealtimjones.me Tim_Jones

    They were in the actual park. They’re friends of mine and while Universal claims they’re not allowing it “officially” they just went and asked when they got there.

  • Kel

    It’s obvious if you watch the video that they weren’t really given permission to do it anywhere. They essentially had 2-3 people with them, so they were able to make it happen. The commentary here doesn’t make sense with the video when they say flat out they weren’t allowed to get married in Ollivander’s or anywhere else except a main thoroughfare.