• Khaylanbolton

    are they made of wood?

  • ss

    i probably will buy a character wand and one of the other Ollivander ones (cuz i'm a dork) :)

  • JonaSach

    Its Pointless waiting in that Massive queue when you can skip it and go through the Owl Post

  • http://www.therealtimjones.com Tim_Jones

    No, they’re made of hard plastic resin.

  • http://www.therealtimjones.com Tim_Jones

    No, they're made of hard plastic resin.

  • GREY

    why so expensive?

  • http://www.therealtimjones.com Tim_Jones

    Why is what so expensive? The wands? It’s pretty much the set price by both Universal and the WB Shop. They are pretty solid and can’t imagine you would break one, too easily. They’re priced right about where I’d expect.

  • Silverbatwing

    I wonder if you can buy one of the other Olivander wands online? (not a character replica) I mean… it would be neat to have a replica, but to have a personal one would be smashing.

  • Prinz_Vinz

    But the wands available on the WBShop website clearly states, “item is a fragile collectible wand. Not intended for use as a toy.”

  • Nightwolf32232

    is it real wood ? are something else ?

  • tomm

    Just got back from Harry’s in Universal . I beg you if you value your time do not wait in line for the Olivander show. Total waste of time. If you want a wand, buy one The show is a joke but the harry ride is great

  • Noneminster

    its a rip-off……i woke up really early and waited in huge lines to watch…..a teen snob girl get picked who didnt even look like she was having fun…….then got herded SUPRISE into a shop……… you decided what u want to do…..

  • Kimma

    I bought a Voldemort wand when i went last tuesday and if i can i plan to buy either another character wand (if i can decide which one i want lol) or one of ollivanders “personal” wands

  • Heatblast19

    I went to Islandsof Adventure last tuesday, and i had no idea where to get a wand. I asked everybody around and they all said to go to this cart selling all character wands. I had no idea they also had non-character wands to. I hope to go there again this year.

  • Merc_deadpool

    they’re sculpted in resin

  • Merc_deadpool

    I bought Harry’s, Dumbledore’s, Sirius’, and Voldemort’s; I’m also planning on getting the Birch(the one in the picture up there) and the Hawethorn. They are pretty cool!

  • http://www.guide2disney.com/blog Tim_Jones

    I respectfully disagree. I think the Ollivanders wand show is one of the best attractions in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You do have to time the line just right, though. I’ve never waited more than 30 minutes in the line, but I go at the right times.

  • Sandcleo

    just broke my son’s wand by shaking it to “cast a spell”  it broke EASILY with a shake!!
    He stood in line for over an hour and paid $30 for it!!

  • http://www.guide2disney.com/blog Tim_Jones

    You can get the Ollivander wands online, now at the Universal Online Store…sorry, don’t have a link, but if you google the Universal Online Store, I’m sure you can find it.

  • http://www.guide2disney.com/blog Tim_Jones

    Wow!  They seem so strong to me!  We’ve had three without any issues at all.  Maybe you just got a defective one?  You might be able to return it if you check with Universal.  They also have a Universal Online Store that may be able to help you out.

  • Gilmer Ann

    tim jones your a fag

  • Pwned


  • http://www.vividobscurity.net/ Vivid Obscurity

    It says on the site that they are not TOYS. They are considered collectible and are said to be fragile. I realize you wanted to give him a wand straight out of Ollivander’s, but perhaps you should have looked at the fine print on the website. They are FRAGILE collectibles, not toys.